Bottom Paint Question

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Bottom Paint Question

Postby Eric Larsen » Sun May 08, 2011 6:23 pm

My '62 Sea Lancer has copper-brown bottom paint. The keel needs to be resealed so I've removed it and plan to replace it with one that I make. I've preped the rest of the bottom by removing loose paint at the bumps and bruises. Ninety percent of the bottom paint is well adhered. I don't really need bottom paint though, as my boat is kept on a trailer when its not used. Short of stripping the bottom paint all off, is there a way to use standard hull paint? If not, what is the most long-lasting, durable bottom paint that I can put over it? Has anyone had good luck with the water-based Petit bottom paint? Thanks,--Eric.
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Postby Bill Dunn » Mon May 09, 2011 8:11 am

I had the same anti-fouling paint on my '59 Sea Lancer. The purpose of the paint is to not allow anything to stick to it by constantly leaching off some of the surface. This is what makes it difficult to paint over. Since I also keep mine on a trailer I stripped and sanded it off using respirator masks, ect. since the paint has a copper powder base that you would not want to breath in. I used the same paint that I put on the sides to repaint. So far I have had good luck with Interlux Brightsides. The paint will take some abuse going on and off the trailer, so you want a pretty tough paint. I am not familiar with the durability of water based Petit paints, but I am sure someone else has used it and can help you.
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