order of assembly?

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order of assembly?

Postby andre lafrance » Tue Nov 26, 2013 1:39 pm

getting ready to temporarily assemble parts of my '57 15' sea coaster. in what order do the inner keel, garboard, and outer keel go together? anything I should keep in mind as I assemble these parts? tricks of the trade, etc. thanks as always...

p.s. answered my last restoration question (fyi): the inner keel/stem assembly butts up to number 8 frame (counting from the stem). then, the inner keel passes over number 8 and is scarfed to the inner keel/stem. also, starting under the front seat, the inner keel begins to taper in order to meet the inner keel/stem assembly which is narrower. frames 1 through 7 are notched into the inner keel/stem assembly which is a good thing because the bend at that point would be impossible to make given the configuration of the boat at that point. all have an enjoyable thanksgiving. I know I'm thankful for this site :)
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