History of Thompson et.al.

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History of Thompson et.al.

Postby Andreas » Wed Dec 28, 2005 5:44 am

There are a number of published articles on the history of Thompson Boat and related spin offs. The most obvious place to look is "The Thompson Dockside" newsletter.

The Summer 2005 issue of the "Rudder" magazine has an article on Thompson. There was an article on Thompson history in "The BoatHouse magazine which can be seen on the website: www.acbs-bslol.com. "Classic Boating" magazine had an article on Thompson history in the Sept/Oct 1999 issue. The Jan/Feb. 2003 issue of "Vintage Boating Life" magazine had an article on T. history. Cruisers, Inc. history was the focus of an article in the Sept/Oct 2003 issue of the same magazine.

The "Peshtigo Times" newspaper had an extensive article on Thompson history and the Thompson Antique & Classic Boat Rally on 11 August 2004. This might be available on their website: www.peshtigotimes.com

www.cruisersyachts.com has an article about the history of Cruisers, Inc. and successor firms.

www.gradywhite.com has a history of Grady-White Boats, altho there are major errors as to the firm's origins.

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