1965 Thompson Offshore

You inherited your uncle's Thompson and now you want to know more about it.

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1965 Thompson Offshore

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I was wondering if there is someway to advertise a Thompson (65 offshore, V50898) for sale on this site. Not sure what your rules are. I plan on taking it to Clayton this year for the auction, but thought I might try to find someone else that is actually interested in Thompsons first. I can give more details, but didn't want to violate any site rules here. I probably already did with this post, sorry!! Just no time to work on as I had hoped when I bought the boat - same old story a thousand time over.

Thank you

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Re: 1965 Thompson Offshore

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There is a classified ad section. You cannot advertise for sale in the discussion forum

The facebook page "Thompson Antique & Classic Boat Rally, Inc" allows free advertising.

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