Petitt mist green paint

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Petitt mist green paint

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I have not used this site in a long time. I am going to restore my 1955 Thompson Seaskiff Special for the second time and want to paint the hull different than white. Is the green paint in 1957 called Mist Green? If so where can I get some form my hull? Thanks for any help! Pete
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Re: Petitt mist green paint

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hello. like you it has been some time since I've visited this site. I found the cd purchased years ago and looked up the 1957 colors.. yes indeed mist green was the color. you are so fortunate in that my sea coaster's original color was misty rose - read PINK! but I reluctantly went with the color. also, I had it sprayed on as I found out the originals were. one other thing, Kirby paints were recommended to me by andreas. good luck...
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