You inherited your uncle's Thompson and now you want to know more about it.

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the title says 1958, and it says the boat model name is pleasure....somebody help me out, what do you think? My father gave it to me, i have no clue....i think it might be a thompson soley on the shape of it, how it tapers in the toward the stern.... i can email, you photos if you wouold like to help me
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Welcome aboard.

We certainly must have MORE information and photos to be of any assistance to you.

1. Is the boat wood, fiberglass, rubber or some other material?
2. If wood, is it plywood lapstrake, cedar strip, mahogany strip? or?
3. Centerline length, gunwale length, width, transom width
4. Are there any markings on the boat such as name tag, builder's plate, serial number tag? If yes, what are they EXACTLY and COMPLETELY?
5. construction details such as deck, windshield frame, seating, flooring, etc...

This is just a start in an effort to attempt an identification.

You can email me directly if desired: thompsonboat at msn.com

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