Winter Storage

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Winter Storage

Post by JALL »

Does anyone leave their boats out in the winter? I was thinking of having it bubble wrapped and left outside in the "Northern Wisconsin Winter". Thanks for any opinions.
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Post by LancerBoy »

I get all my "good" boats inside for winter storage. I have a few junkers outside under tarps and canopies. The tarp and canopy just does not provide very good protection for any length of time.

Shrink wrap is not the best for a wooden boat. It will trap moisture inside and cause mold to develope and possibly decay over a period of time.

Try to find a buddy, co-worker, neighbor or whomever that has a shed or barn or spare garage stall and offer some money for winter storage. And do NOT store a wooden boat in a heated space. Best indoor storage will have a dirt floor, gravel is second best. Concrete is not the best - it sucks moisture out of the wood. But that is most often better than outside storage.

Don't forget moth balls or dryer sheets placed in the boat to help discourage little chewing critters from making a home in the boat and in the motor hood.

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Post by Torchie »

I agree with what Andreas said. Shrink wrapping a boat of any kind leads to moisture problems(mold).

Most heated storage places that I have dealt with don't have the heat set up to high unless it is a shop as well.If you use heated storage just make sure to have a humidifier running or if that is not possible just throw a loose covering tarp over the boat with the sponge type humidifiers inside. You will have to check them occasionally.
We used too store our CC this way to keep the hull from drying out too much over the winter.

Also if you store on a concrete floor just put down a plastic tarp. I always do this when I store cars or boats. New concrete puts out moisture and old concrete seems to absorb it.

And for sure on the mothballs. I have never tried dryer sheets. I also cover exhaust openings as well as carbs as I have seen mice build nests inside of engine exhaust and intake chambers.
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