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Randy Rush

1960 Sea Lancer



Here are some pictures of my 1960 Sea Lancer. The boat is powered by a 1971, 60 horsepower Evinrude. The boat is used almost daily during the summer months as a commuter between our cottage on Deer Island in southern Georgian Bay in Ontario, and the mainland.

We have, for the last several years, entered her in boat shows (non judged) in Honey Harbour, Ontario, the Buffalo Launch Club on Grand Island in New York, and the invitational at the Detroit Yacht Club on the Detroit River in Detroit.

Modifications to the boat prohibit me from having her entered in “judged” competition. i.e.: The built–in gas tank and roped destroyer steering wheel. (I could never understand a plastic wheel on a wood boat.) I’d like to take credit for the restoration effort, but that was done before I bought her about six years ago. I’ve only done the upholstery, revarnishing, painting, and some mechanical work on the engine.

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