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1962 Sea Coaster,
changed to a 1963 configuration



This boat was ready for the burn pile when I purchased it.  It sat outside of a prominent Seattle Boat Restoration shop, rotting away long before I decided to save it.

It is a 1962 Sea Coaster that I changed to a 1963 configuration, with the addition of rear seating and deck.  The deck is not original, it is strip planked in highly figured book matched mahogany hardwood.  The bottom was hogged badly, approx. 2" in 8 feet and the bottom was completely reworked with new inner and outer keels, most of the ribs fixed, and new keelsons. 
Other items replaced were the transom, windshield, dash, etc.

The only remaining original part of the boat is the hull from the deck down, minus the transom, and the glass.  I re powered it with a 1985 Johnson 70 hp 3 cyl, with oil injection and PT&T.  All electrical and steering have
been replaced also.

The boat took 2 1/2 years to complete.

There is a photo I found of the boat when the previous owner had it, It is posted at

My apologies to those who might be upset that I didn't keep this boat original, but I decided that so much work was needed that I would make it into the user boat that I wanted it to be.

Brent S. Biles
or 503-868-7005



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