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Thompson Dockside Newsletter

Why we don't judge Thompson Boats:

Andreas and I were sent an email by Mike Gresham and Gene Porter of the ACBS asking us if we would like to give out a "best Thompson" award or some such at the national Antique and Classic Boat Society (ACBS) show.

Since I am not into judging, I threw the email away. Andreas sent both gentlemen a brief note saying the Thompson Marque Club does not believe in judging, does not give any awards at our Thompson rally, and has no interest in giving an award at the national meet.

This was answered by another email from both of them with the following question: If you don't believe your boats should be judged, then what criteria do you use to keep them authentic, or maybe this isn't important to you?

Here is our response. I am making this available here on the website because I think it offers a valuable perspective and history for those who are into our classics boats!

Read our response here

Dear Thompson Dockside enthusiasts:

Some of you have probably noticed the site looks a little different. We have been making some behind the scenes changes around here and I have been told by my web master that is a good thing as we are keep up with technology and all.

I have not been as close to the Dockside website as I should be. The reasons are many but the bottom line is that I do care about the web site and all the folks who visit, comment, and appreciate it.

There is a place on this website called “The Boathouse”. It is here that people can advertise their boats for sale. The Boathouse is the ONLY place on the Dockside website one can advertise a boat. Dockside Views and the Misc section are for just that, views and legit questions about everything that pertains to boats, made by Thompson or otherwise.

I know that the website has been abused by a variety of folks.
I don’t know if those of you who list boats for sale on the Views or Misc sections are trying to get away without paying for an ad or just plain lazy. It doesn’t really matter except that ultimately you are cluttering up sections of the web site that should just be left alone. Those of you who think you are doing everyone a huge public service by reposting ‘Craig’s List‘ ads let me assure you - you’re not. A ‘Craig’s List’ will never be allowed on this website even if paid for.

I would urge all of you who are thinking about wanting to post an ad to get a hold of me. I will work with you. I am not a jerk. If you have a pattern boat or even if is in decent shape and you just want to get rid of it, and you really are giving it away, I will not charge you for the ad. If I tell you an ad is $40.00 and you only have $10.00 then that is what I will charge you. (Now don’t all of you start telling me you only have $10.00 I know better!)

The point here is... we are all adults. I should not have to start combing the website for folks creatively slipping an ad for their boat by phrasing things a certain way... but I am and I will and I will note who those are and if it happens more than once we’ll deal with things then.

In the meantime, we’ll
See you at dockside



No doubt many of you are wondering what is going on with the “Thompson Dockside”. As many of you know, the last published Dockside was sent a couple of years ago.

For a variety of reasons, it made more sense to publish the Dockside on line than in the printed form many of you received for eleven years. The biggest reason for going on line is that from the very beginning I had always envisioned the Dockside as being interactive. For obvious reasons, this was difficult to do in a traditional printed format, but with the vast majority of everyone now having access to being on line, the internet proves to be the perfect vehicle.

The idea here is that anyone can contribute an original article or add to an existing one. Many of you have written to me over the years and after I read your letters I thought wouldn’t it be great for all the subscribers to read this. With space being limited in the Dockside there was no way to share what so many of you had written.

In the coming weeks you will be able to write an original piece, be it a restoration article or a story from your childhood recounting those times on the lake. You will also be able to add to an existing article. Check back for updates on how you can contribute.

Back issues in hard copy will still be available for $5.50 each. That list will be available shortly.

Advertising will continue here on the web site. Though the basic charge will be the same as it was in the printed version, the advantage of the on line version will be the option to post more photos. Rates will be published soon.

I look forward to hearing from all of you as we move into the Thompson Dockside.

As usual, you can always email me at:

See you at dockside




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