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Dockside Boats / Nick Rumschlag

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1964 T&T 4300 with a 1965 Merc 1000


My grandfather bought the boat in 1982 which is ironically the year I was born. The guy he got it from was storing it in a barn. Everything was solid, just needed refinished. He completed the restoration to what it is today in 1983. I basically grew up on the boat. As soon as I was old enough to walk I was out fishing so I have a lot of memories with the boat in them. Last year I caught wind of the boat leaving the family. I couldn't let this happen so I worked things out with him and now it's in my garage. There hasn't been to much done since the initial restore. About 3-4 years ago we cut out a 24" section of the keel and replaced that because of some rotten wood. Other then that, It's looked the same way for 25 years and that is how I plan on keeping it!

Nick Rumschlag



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