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1961 Sea Coaster Special



I have a 1961 Sea Coaster Special with a 40 HP Johnson Super Seahorse outboard Motor. The reason it is a "Special" is because there are back-to-back seats in the front.

One day I was checking out E-Bay and I ran across this boat in the "other boats" category. The pictures looked good and since the boat was only an hour away I decide to take a look. It turns out the two guys selling it bought it from the original owner back in March 2007 with the intent of restoring it. They never get around to it so they listed it on E-Bay. I bought it for $2,800.00 on June 16,2009 having no idea what their investment was. (I later found out it was $500.00)

I love wooden boats but frankly I was clueless about how to go about getting her back to original condition. The boat itself was in great condition, given her age. I did notice some lifting on the deck. I bought the book "Brightwork The Art of Finishing Wood" by Rebecca J Wittman. I read it cover to cover twice! I learned that if you take your time, and follow her ideas, you are going to wind up with one beautiful boat! The Inside of the boat looked good and all the original hardware was there along with a original Thompson Canvas top. The motor runs great!

I love my boat! I can't help looking at her every time I walk into the garage. I feel lucky to have gotten what essentially was a very clean boat. The guys at the Dockside have been instrumental with the success that I have. They answer everything from best ways to launch to the finishes that should be used. I thank them greatly.

This is a great family boat! The kids love getting behind the wheel and my wife (reluctantly) admits it's pretty cool. I have learned that you get a lot of attention with one of these beauties, and I don’t mind!

And as far as the money is concerned, I don't feel like I paid too much. In retrospect, I feel the original owner got paid too little.

Feel free to contact me.

Dan Wolf, Naperville, IL.
danwolf6667@ 630-416-8758



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