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Dockside Boats / Dave Osborn

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1938 Thompson Canoe



As a full time canoe restorer in Wisconsin, Dave Osborn has restored several Thompson Canoes.

Thompson remains in the shadows of Old Town and other northeastern US builders but in Dave’s opinion ”They were better built than most and a joy to work on and paddle.”

The photo is Dave’s 1938 Thompson that he does his fishing and exploring on the small waters in the Wisconsin Northwoods. The canoe has acquired the name of "Big Red". It started out as a livery canoe at a marina in Madison, Wisconsin. According to David, “A young married couple bought it used from the marina around 1942 and used it for all kinds of paddling adventures, including a train ride into the Canadian bush, then paddling back to civilization. It was still in the family when I bought it in 2001.”

You can contact David at 715-892-7391 or
His website is



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